How's the Music Business treating you?

(This is an ANONYMOUS survey)

1. How has your experience been working in the music business?

Rating from 1 (Miserable) to 10 (Amazing)

Average 5.2

2. Would you recommend friends or family working in the music business?

Rating from 1 (No chance) to 10 (Absolutely)

Average 3.5

OK, now we're going to show you a series of statements. Let us know how much you agree with each.

3. Are you an artist, songwriter, producer, engineer, or do you do it all?

I Do It All -  54.5%
Songwriter - 23.6%
Producer - 10.9%
Engineer - 5.5%
Artist - 5.5%

4. "I'm paid well for the work that I do."

I'm really underpaid - 47.3%
I should be paid more - 32.7%
Agree to a point - 18.2%
Completely agree - 1.8%

5. "I've never worked with an artist or team who takes publishing or credit they didn't earn."

Completely disagree - 49.1%
Completely agree - 18.2%
Half the time they don't - 16.4%
Most of the time they don't - 18.2%

6. "I've never been bullied into doing any business I did not want to do."

Completely disagree - 48.1%
Completely agree - 18.5%
Half the time - 16.7%
Most of the time - 16.7%

7. "I feel safe when I'm in meetings with executives."

Sometimes - 54.5%
Most of the time - 21.8%
Never - 14.5%
Always - 9.1%

8. "I feel safe when I'm working in the studio."

Most of the time - 41.8%
Always - 23.6%
Sometimes - 23.6%
Never - 10.9%

9. "I'm happy with the support my publishing/record company provides."

Rating from 1 (We get nothing) to 10 (We're spoilt)

Average 2.9

10. "I am financially thriving from the money I make in the music business."

Rating from 1 (get nothing) to 10 (I'm spoilt)

Average 2.6

11. And last but not least, what changes would you like to see made in the music business?

I’d like to see songwriters be accredited more AND then paid equally for their work and for the artist to stop being aloud to be “songwriters” after tweaking a few words 3 days ago

songwriters need higher pay and more representation 3 days ago

More transparency. More artists understanding that if they don’t write they should not be credited as a writer. More publishing companies actively interacting with their clients about what’s happening with the music and when to expect payments. Payments ON TIME! 5 days ago

I wanna feel like I matter, not just that I’m NEEDED and Required. 6 days ago

Make everything fair . Get the lawyers to do good business and get rid of A&R’s 9 days ago

No more sexual advances or harassment. Fair deals. Fair compensation. Fair splits. Eradication of 50/50 publishing deals and MDRC deals. More women in position of power. More respect for creatives & particularly female creatives. More respect, honor and compensation for songwriters. 9 days ago

I’d like to see the music business stop employing people who are predators. I’d like to see more diverse leadership and signings. I’d like to have the opportunity to be a black writer and not be limited to hip-hop and r&b. I am capable of writing in all genres. I’d like to not have to be naked to be a successful artist. 16 days ago

I’d like to see songwriters paid what they deserve 17 days ago

I would like to see way more fair treatment. The same health benefits and lawful perks any other working citizen gets should be included in a songwriter’s, producer’s and artists contracts. No more mdrc contracts. No more artists who didn’t create the song their singing taking publishing from songwriters. It’s stealing and it needs to stop. 19 days ago

Producers, songwriters and musicians getting the credit and payment they deserve. 19 days ago

Pay engineers and credit them for their hard work. Every engineer I know has considered suicide or quitting because clients and labels don't thank us, don't pay us, and don't credit us. We deserve better. 19 days ago

More royalty points to the producer, writer, and artist. 19 days ago

More money for streams, songwriters making more money, getting daily fees for writing, bigger split, and points from sales. 19 days ago

The streaming Rev needs to be repriced higher and the split share to publishing needs to be at least 33% the system is outdated and doesn’t work.. Daniel ek is a billionaire stealing Money from songwriters!! Fact! I also want women to be respected and valued! for studios and meetings to be a safe space! Too many times it hasn’t been. When they speak, their opinions valued. most Songwriters are literally treated like rubbish on a business level and emotionally manipulated, desperate for money to eat! Have the black listed fear Or bullied into signing bad deals.. just last year this happened to me! Also producers should 100% NOT get 50% guaranteed the split should equal.. a topliners doesn’t want in a room and demand their sole share is 50% if there are 2 topliners.. DJ’s also need to stop taking publishing for songs they don’t write! Tv needs to stop doing buyouts or demanding the pub share! China pro’s need to start working properly! And the low paying buyouts in China need to stop. The ageism in the business towards women is ridiculous.. take Gwen with her new single 52 how many women signed in their 50’s! How many 40.. I would love to see statistics on that! How many radio stations play 32plus age female artists? Surely more diversity should be a legal requirement. You also should have to audit to make sure you’re getting paid.. all streaming should be user Sentric.. pro rata payments stopped, black box money shouldn’t be non assigned to songwriters not mentioned in the legal cases enabling the pubs to keep the money.. pros shouldn’t be able to keep non distributed monies.. or pay sky high rents ( look into the ny building rents! Harry fox is double dipping as it’s owned by the labels .. the people who did the original deal with spotify snd Prs then went and worked 5 weeks later for Spotify!!! The pros apparently only process 40% of meta data.. you tube shouldn’t be allowed to add it’s own meta data to songwriters songs ( I have evidence of this) the pros should award and pay out the correct money on touring artist!! Bmi wrongly used to pay our $49 dollars if they didn’t consider your artists top tier.. I left them over this as my artists were Selena Gomez, demi snd Enrique selling out massive stadiums.. I could say so much more but I’ll end that the labels should give writers master points! Not out of artist shares. 20 days ago


Integrity 20 days ago

Form a union 20 days ago

More opportunity to reach out to unique talents and give them a chance to make their voice ACTUALLY heard 20 days ago

The changes I would like to see made better contracts that DONT tie you down for so long20 days ago

real talent. Labels need to invest in real talent not just people with likes and numbers. Also, there needs to be more females in position. Tired of feeling like I have to go on a date with an A&R just so we can talk about my career. 20 days ago

Equity and respect of intellectual property. If it came from my mind, why can’t I lay claim to my thoughts and blueprints? 20 days ago

Proper payment for people who are involved with records. There’s no reason why anybody who helped create a hit record should be in a position where they aren’t building wealth off of it. 20 days ago

Get better revenue from streams. 20 days ago

Woman treated better, union for the people that work tirelessly behind the scenes. 20 days ago

More unique artists 20 days ago

Songwriters getting paid their worth. Millions of dollars are being made and we little of that pie. 20 days ago

Stop taking the hard working creatives for granted! We bust our ass for crumbs while the people who take majority of the profits do little to nothing to contribute. Also just stop taking n*ggas for granted. 20 days ago

Less manipulation in the business. I know some of it is defense mechanisms, but it’s kinda getting old and predictable. 20 days ago

Paid sessions for writers, not sharing pub with non writers, more respect for writers, a Grammy for writers, for the world to know the part we play in the industry 20 days ago

The whole system needs restructuring 20 days ago

Master Points for songwriters. Shorter term deals. No MDRC’s. “Key Man” clauses in publishing deals. More transparency. Union. 20 days ago

for writers to be paid way more for streams than they do now. 20 days ago

Songwriters need more compensation! 20 days ago

Compensation for writers time. There are so many people that expect us to work for free and take advantage and also artists that give our credit away because they can’t afford to pay producers. Also people sharing opportunities. Everyone holds their hands very close to their chest in this industry and it really doesn’t do anyone any good 20 days ago

Equity, and the end of exploitation. 20 days ago

Points & money for songwriters not just producers. Credits to be filled out and splits handled before albums are released 20 days ago

I would like to see accountability on the publisher’s end for writers and producers that they sign to co-publishing deals. We are going into these deals and giving the publisher 50 percent of our publishing and are under the impression that we are in a partnership with them. In my own experience, I have gotten my own sessions and placements and have bounced around to A&R’s who haven’t done much for me. I have specifically asked for an LA rep as I live in LA, but somehow keep getting connected with a rep from NY. Publishers need to support their signees, period. Instead we get stuck in shitty deals with confusing language and then look up and it’s 12 years later and we’re still in our initial option. The music business needs to stop preying on the youth. 20 days ago

More pay for songwriters and safer environment for women 20 days ago

Would love the financial rates and coverages in general as a whole to be more giving and increasingly huge so that I can actually live (like a real adult, talented person, and hard worker that I am) off of my music career. Medical, Dental, Cosmetic, and Mental health insurance coverage would be awesome as well since I need to look good and be sane in this industry too. 20 days ago