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The 100 Percenters is a 501 c3 organization. We advocate for all music creatives with a focus on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and marginalized creatives. Our goal is for all music creatives to have equitable access to opportunities, revenue streams, education, and support. 


We are excited to forge new partnerships. We're a growing nonprofit, and our current focus is raising funds to support our initiatives. We require a minimum donation of $10k for all our partnerships. We love to sing donor's praises, but if you or your company would prefer to remain anonymous, we also do private donations and partnerships. 


Here's what we're currently fundraising for:


Songwriter March - March 29, 2022 - Fundraising Goal $50k


This month, songwriter advocacy organization The 100 Percenters is hosting a peaceful march in Los Angeles to support better royalty rates for music creators from Spotify and other streaming platforms. Songwriters are currently paid less than a penny per stream. This should be illegal. Most song streaming revenue (billions per year) goes to major labels and artists while songwriters struggle to live. This year, Spotify is fighting a proposed 44% pay increase for songwriters at a Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) trial. A ruthless battleground where many music creators' livelihoods hang in the balance.


Songwriter Stimulus - Fundraising Goal $1m


The pandemic was especially financially challenging for songwriters, between work slowing down and depending on publishing checks that come in quarterly and are only shrinking because of streaming. So we'd like to give working songwriters a $2,500 stimulus grant. A lottery system will pick the 400 songwriters.

The 100 University - Fundraising Goal $250k

There's so much for music creatives need to know how to do these days, and we want to teach them. So we will offer 100 online courses on all things music business-related, from music publishing and record deals to registering a song with a PRO. Knowledge is power, and we want to empower our community. 

Wellness Fund - Fundraising Goal $500k


The pandemic has put a lot of additional stress on us all, and taking care of your mental health is a major key to wellness and success. So we want to offer a year of therapy to our community in collaboration with L.A based psychotherapist Syreeta Butler LMFT and her company, Just Be. A lottery system will pick the recipients, and they will each be paired with a therapist from Just Be to see every other week.


Emergency Fund - Fundraising Goal $500k


Life is unpredictable, and the finances of a music creative can sometimes be unstable. Between not knowing how much your next royalty check will be, having to wait months until your next pay period, there's a laundry list of reasons why creating an emergency fund is essential. We want this fund to be something the community can count on to help them when they're in a jam.

If you're interested in becoming a partner, please get in touch with tiffany@the100percenters.com or maria@the100percenters.com