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Join A Committee 

Our Mission

We advocate for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and marginalized music creatives in the creative music community. Our goal is for underrepresented groups who participate in the creative process to have equitable access to opportunities, revenue streams, and education.


We are currently building out our committees. We're looking for volunteers who are forward-thinkers and passionate about creating real, lasting change in the music industry. Each of our committees will be led by a committee chairperson and governed by our Board of Directors.

Committee Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend committee meetings

  • Represent the movement

  • Work on initiatives the committee organizes

Please check the box of the committee/committees you're interested in volunteering for.


Diversity & Inclusion Committee: Looking for a Committee Chairperson 


This committee will focus on diversity and inclusion amongst creatives and executives by building community, creating initiatives and programs.





Mental Health & Wellness Committee: Looking for a Committee Chairperson


This committee will focus on supporting the mental health and wellness of the community. We want to build programs, create content, and collaborate with other organizations and companies.


LGBTQ+ Committee: Led by Committee Chairperson Zac Poor


This committee will support the LGBTQ+ community by creating initiatives, programs and collaborating with other organizations and companies. 



Education Committee: Looking for a Committee Chairperson


This committee will educate the community on the music business by creating content, building programs, and collaborating with schools.



Social Media & Marketing Committee: Led by Committee Chairperson Tiffany Red


This committee will focus on creating content for our social media, growing our following, and developing marketing strategies and campaigns for our initiatives.



Outreach & Membership Committee: Led by Committee Chairperson Hannah Avison


This committee will grow our community by creating strategies to engage with creatives to join the movement. 

Committee Chairpersons


  • Provide leadership to the committee

  • Organize Committee meetings

  • Present findings and recommendations to the board

  • Ensure committee members are aware of their obligations and responsibilities

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