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By: Jacob Uitti

Twin sister singer-songwriters, Felisha and Fallon King have always had an unspoken connection. How could they not? The two started as womb-mates and have since grown up together singing, writing, and participating in music groups since they could talk—or even before that. As infants, Felisha (who recently married and is now Felisha King-Harvey) and Fallon were always humming, warbling, or intoning. When they asked their mother for a snack, it was in-melody. Seeing talent in his daughters by the age of six, the twins’ father, Charles, began to manage them. They formed the group, Cherish (with older sisters Farrah and Neosha), and have since gone on to work with artists like Justin Bieber and earned No. 1 songwriting spots on Billboard.

“Me and Felisha look at it not just as a job but as a lifestyle,” Fallon tells American Songwriter. “Everyone wants to do what they love but not everybody has put in the 10,000 hours. A lot of people don’t know what it consists of or takes. The best thing is that we have each other. Being a twin, you can’t really slack.”

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