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The Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL) made the last notable attempt to unionize songwriters and composers in 1984. However, their bid for union status was denied by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) during the anti-union Reagan administration, citing the classification of songwriters as independent contractors. The Reagan era witnessed a significant shift in labor relations, exemplified by President Ronald Reagan's controversial decision to fire 11,345 air traffic controllers in 1981 for participating in a strike. Now, 39 years later, amidst the Biden administration and the advent of the streaming era, there is renewed interest in following the path laid by the SCL and pursuing the possibility of unionization once again.

What are the benefits if we're able to unionize?

Collective Bargaining

By joining together as a unified group, workers gain stronger collective bargaining power. Unions negotiate with employers on behalf of their members to secure better wages, benefits, working conditions, and other important terms of employment. This collective strength allows workers to have a stronger voice and influence in shaping their workplaces.

Higher Wages

Unions often succeed in negotiating higher wages, better healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, and other perks for their members. Through collective bargaining, unions can help ensure that workers receive fair and competitive compensation.

Legal Protection and Advocacy

Unions have legal expertise and resources to advocate for workers' rights. They can provide legal representation, support during disputes, and help enforce employment laws. Unions work to ensure that workers are treated fairly and that their rights are protected under the law.

Here are three points we'll begin working on immediately if we win a union election with the NLRB:

Songwriter Fee & Points

We want record labels and artists to pay a songwriter fee and points for The Right of First Release, one of our fundamental rights as a copyright holder.

Session Fee

We want record labels and artists to pay a non-recoupable fee to songwriters and producers for services rendered, whether a song is purchased or not.

Health Care

We want to create a health care program on which the songwriting and producer community can depend. 

SCG Union Authorization Card - Header .png
SCG Union Authorization Card - Header .png
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