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What we do:


We advocate for songwriters and producers who need their publishing contracts modernized or terminated. We've worked on ten deals so far.


We offer counsel for up-and-coming songwriters and producers.


We provide grants from our emergency relief fund for creatives who are having a tough time financially.

100 Emergency Fund - $2,500 given out so far


We provide grants for up-and-coming artists and music creatives. 

Indie Artist Grant - $3,500 given out so far


We provide a safe space for creatives to share their concerns and issues.


We do town halls to update our community on songwriter rights issues. 


We offer a resource center dashboard for our paying members that has all the platforms songwriters and producers use in one place. Here's a breakdown of what platforms are in the resource center. 

We put all the platforms that collect our royalties in one place.

Collect Your Royalties:

Publishing Companies Portals - Sony Score, UMPG Window, Warner Chappell Music Client Portal, Kobalt, and Songtrust




Sound Recording -SoundExchange and AFM SAG ATFRA

We offer discount codes from music platforms. 

Current Sponsors: Splice, Kaotica Eyeball, Distrokid, Soundbetter, Beatstars, The Young Dreamers, Poetic Gems, and Mickey Shiloh


We put our favorite content creation platforms in one place.

Create Content:

Cava, Adobe Spark, Unsplash, Fiveer, and PicMonkey 


We put the most popular music distribution platforms in one place.

Distribute Music:

CDBaby, Distrokid, Tunecore, Landr, United Masters, and Ditto


We created a YouTube video library for all the most commonly used DAWs used to record vocals.

How To Record Video Library:

For Logic, Pro Tools, Garageband, FL-Studios, and Ableton


We put the most popular creative music platforms in one place that provide additional revenue streams for the creatives.

Make Music Online:

Sounbetter, Beatstars, Sounds, Splice, and Landr


Songwriter Stimulus Grant  - $150k goal

The pandemic was especially financially challenging for songwriters, between work slowing down and depending on publishing checks that come in quarterly and are only shrinking because of streaming. So we'd like to give working songwriters a $2,500 stimulus grant. A lottery system will pick the 60 songwriters. 


Emergency Fund  - $100k goal

Life is unpredictable, and the finances of a music creative can sometimes be unstable. Between not knowing how much your next royalty check will be, or having to wait months until your next pay period, there's a laundry list of reasons why creating an emergency fund is essential. We want this fund to be something the community can count on to help them when they're in a jam. 


Therapy Fund  - $100k goal

Taking care of your mental health is a major key to wellness and success. So we want to offer a year of therapy to our community in collaboration with L.A based psychotherapist Syreeta Butler LMFT and her company, Just Be. A lottery system will 

pick the recipients, and they will each be paired with a therapist from Just Be to see every other week. 


Admin  - $200k goal

This fund will help us run the organization. This fund will pay our three directors, our administrative assistant, lawyer, and accountant. This fund will also pay for marketing and advertising for our programs and initiatives.