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By: Riley Wallace

In some ways, being a songwriter is one of the more selfless ways that an individual can carve a niche in the music industry. There is a particular type of energy required to help others reach dreams by telling — in essence — your story. For some, though, their aspirations make it impossible to sit on the sidelines forever. Rapper Saint Jhn is an excellent example of this: the aha moment when an artist embraces their true calling.

This is (in many ways) the case with singer/songwriter Tiffany Red. Though she’s embracing her role as a new artist, she’s spent the past decade gainfully employed in the music industry writing for a who’s who of A-list performers. Her first placement on Jennifer Hudson’s self-titled debut album earned her a Grammy award. She’s since solidified herself as a go-to writer, even transcending her writing skills into television — notably for both Star and Empire.

However, it’s her music that’s become her focus as of late, with her latest EP Call Me Red, Vol 1 poised to be her breakout. Having been a faceless figure behind the pen until her initial foray, 2018s Drake, transitioning from writer to artist means starting at square one. For Tiffany, though, taking chances is how she got into the business.

“I’ve been writing — like writing poetry and stuff like that — since I was about 12,” she tells HipHopDX. “I was always creative in high school … I always did well in English, and writing has always been the way that I express myself.”

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Photo Credit: Zac Poor