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Streaming has demolished publishing income for songwriters, but record labels refuse to negotiate any other compensation. And now the WGA Strike has inspired many songwriters and has them asking us, should we strike too?


  • Songwriters are not making a livable wage from publishing royalties, yet it's their only income from the songs they write.

  • Songwriters make 15.1% of total streaming revenue in the U.S., while record labels make 52% - 57% and DSPs(Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) make 27.9% - 32.9%.


  • In 2022, the global recorded music industry earned $26.2 billion in revenue, and 65% of that came from streaming.


  • Artists continue to take publishing from songwriters when it's their only income from the song.


  • Songwriters are bullied and intimidated by record executives and artists' teams when they attempt to negotiate a songwriter fee, session fee, points on the master, or any other revenue from the songs they write.


  • Songwriters, classified as independent contractors, are denied the majority of the rights of someone self-employed, including receiving payment for their services and having a service agreement.


We want to create an open dialogue between the songwriting community and executives. 

When: June 12, 2023

Time: 11 am - 1 pm

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Speakers: Tiffany Red, Founder of The 100 Percenters;

TBD, Labor Lawyer;

TBD, Music Executive 

Moderator: TBD

Topics of Discussion: Songwriters Pay, Possible Strike, and Unionizing

We will open the floor to hear from the community at 12pm


Seating is limited. 

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