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The 100 Percenters is a revolutionary organization that fiercely advocates for the rights of music creatives, with a particular focus on BIPOC and marginalized communities. Our mission is to empower and uplift music creatives by providing them with essential resources, support, and education, ensuring that they have equal access to opportunities and revenue streams. Join us in our quest to level the playing field and make the music industry truly inclusive for all!


"I was having difficulty receiving royalties that I was owed and had almost given up hope when The 100 Percenters stepped in. They kindly and firmly advocated for me, and I was paid the full amount! I am so grateful for organizations like The 100 Percenters who advocate for songwriters like me as we all work towards a more ethical music business." 
#USCO Mandates Late Fees for Streaming Services on Delayed Payments to Songwriters, Exclud
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