Who are we?

The 100 Percenters was founded by Grammy Award Winning singer/songwriter/producer, Tiffany Red, in July of 2020. After going viral for speaking out about penning Kpop hit, “Boss” by NCT, and how poorly she was compensated for it, Red decided to create an organization that advocates for people like her. The organization attracted powerhouse singer/songwriter, Blush, as she also experienced similar struggles as Red. Together Red and Blush began speaking out on unfair pay for songwriters.

What do we do?

Our Mission

The 100 Percenters is a non profit organization that advocates for the music creative community. Since its inception, The 100 Percenters Foundation has collected over 1,000 signatures on a petition demanding fair access to publishing, points, fees, and per diem. They’ve raised almost $5,000 and given out seven $500 grants.

Our goal is for everyone who participates in the creative process to have equitable access to publishing, points, fees, and per diem.


Mickey Shiloh, Board Member


“I built my own business and the reason I did that is because you can’t live off $3,000 a year,” Shiloh says. “Even though I have platinum plaques on my wall, you have to consider the percentages you’re getting on those songs. Five percent on a Janet song, or 10%-20% on a Britney record… it’s not even close to getting me out of one of your terms in your publishing deal. It was a sad realization.”



Tiffany Red, Founder & Executive Director


“I’ll always be a songwriter. It’s the love of my life,” Red says. “I’m down to write for artists as long as they pay my songwriting fee, give me per diem for my time, and points on the master.”



Blush, Board Member


“Most of my placements, if not all of them, are through my relationships in the industry with friends and other songwriters and executives that call me in. I’m basically self-managed, and I work with indie artists who can pay upfront,” she says. “If you aren’t willing to invest in me, if you can’t pay me for my time, why do you want me to invest in you?”



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