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This platform has a clear mission: to raise awareness about various forms of abuse – physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, mental, financial, and professional  – rampant within the music industry. Our commitment extends to offering resources and support and creating safe spaces for creatives and music professionals to work in and thrive.

Support Request

If you're a music creative or professional who has been a victim of physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, mental, financial, or professional abuse in the industry and needs assistance, reach out to us here. We are committed to offering confidential help to the best of our ability.

Filed Complaints For Jury Trial

Here, you will find an archive of civil lawsuits for sexual violence and harassment against music creatives and professionals.

Speak Out Act (SOA)

Have you ever heard of the Speak Out Act

This Act became law in December 2022. It stops the use of nondisclosure agreements in cases of sexual assault and harassment, which means that survivors can now speak out about their experiences without being silenced by legal contracts. 

Resources & Hotlines

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