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Sent on 2/14/23 to Sir Lucian Grainge, UMG Team, and Music Industry Leaders


We, the songwriters, call for justice and an end to our exploitation! We assert our right to a contract and compensation for our services as independent contractors from record companies and artists. We will no longer remain silent. Enough is enough! Things must change!

Here are our demands:

  1. Session Fee: Non-recoupable payment for the time spent working whether the song is placed or not.

  2. Songwriter Agreement: To specify the deal terms between the songwriter and artist/record label for the song/songs placed.

  3. Songwriter Fee: For the song/songs placed on the artist.

  4. Participation in SoundExchange Royalties.

Please sign and share this petition if you support songwriters making a livable wage. 


We're following in the foot steps of The Ivors Academy of Music Creators #paysongwriters campaign. 

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