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We have designed this program to empower songwriters by leveraging the hit songs they're behind to enhance their public presence. In the music industry, visibility plays a vital role in achieving success. Historically, songwriters have frequently faced being overlooked, and we're working to change that. At The 100 Percenters, we understand the significance of elevating the status and value of songwriters, as it directly impacts their capacity to secure better compensation from artists and record labels, among other benefits. Our objective is to level the playing field for songwriters, enabling them to establish their brand and garner greater recognition in the industry.

Here's what we will do in collaboration with the writers in this program:


Develop Songwriters Image:

  • Develop an authentic image aligned with the songwriter's brand.
  • Shoot press photos.

  • Update the songwriters' bio to reflect their latest songs and achievements.

  • Create a website/landing page where all their information lives that is easily sharable.

Market Songwriters Using Their Hit Songs:

  • Leverage social media platforms to promote their music and engage with their audience.
  • Seek press coverage, interviews, and features on podcasts, TV shows, radio stations, and DSPs to increase their visibility.

  • Use their hit song as a focal point in their promotional efforts to attract attention and generate interest.

Create Visibility:

  • Consistently produce valuable content across various platforms, such as their website, social media channels, and other relevant outlets.
  • Be active and engaged, responding to comments, messages, and inquiries.

  • Pursue strategic collaborations with other influential music creatives and professionals.

Develop Relationships:

  • Identify successful individuals in the entertainment industry who align with the writer's brand and music style.
  • Network strategically by attending industry events, conferences, and award shows.

  • Cultivate genuine connections by offering value and supporting future collaborators' work.

Maintain Songwriters Profile:

  • Encourage branching out into other areas to grow the songwriter's brand.
  • Maintain a dynamic profile for sustained growth.


We are committed to empowering songwriters and ensuring their talent receives the acclaim it deserves.

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