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BMI & ASCAP Comparison Chart: Royalties, Agreement Terms, & Window Periods

What is a Performance Rights Organization(PRO)?

A PRO like BMI and ASCAP manage and collect royalties for music creators for their music's public performance and broadcasting, including radio, television, live performances, and digital platforms.

What is a window period?

A "Window Period" is a specific timeframe set by the PRO when members can end their agreement.



1.4 Million





2022 Total Revenue

About $1.57 billion

$1.522 billion

Paid to Affiliates in 2022

About $1.47 billion

$1.388 billion

Profit Margin

10% of total revenue, about $157 million

About 10%, about $152.2 million

Profit Margin Increase


Advocacy for Affiliates


Affiliation Agreement


Two Years

One Year


One-time fee of $75.00 for songwriters/composers, $175 for publishers

Free for songwriters/songwriter & publisher, one-time fee of $50 for publishers


Automatic renewal every other year unless canceled during the window period

Automatic renewal every other year unless canceled during the window period

Window Period Duration

Three Months

Three Months

Window Period Dates

Based on signup dates

Based on signup dates

Your Sign-up Date

Refer to Affiliation Agreement

Refer to Affiliation Agreement

Can Terminate Agreement

Biennial (Every Other Year)

Biennial (Every Other Year)

Termination Process

You will see a button on your dashboard to begin the resignation process if you are within your window period. If you do not see the button, your window is not open. 

Termination Delivery Methods

Use registered, certified, express mail, or any method with a recorded delivery date

Initiate by submitting an ASCAP Writer Resignation Notification Form via mail or Member Portal

Send Termination Notice To

BMI, Attn: Writer Administration, 10 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203-4399

ASCAP Resignation Notification, 1250 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10107

Email Notices



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