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The 100 Percenters Take Bold Action, Filing Antitrust Complaint with DOJ Against Major Music Groups, Streaming Platforms, and Copyright Royalty Board

Click Here to read the complaint made to DOJ by The 100 Percenters.

Los Angeles, November 10, 2023 — In a pivotal move to address pressing concerns within the music industry, The 100 Percenters, a vocal advocacy group for songwriters and music producers, filed a formal complaint today with the Department of Justice (DOJ). The complaint focuses on alleged antitrust violations by Major Music Groups, Streaming Platforms, and the Copyright Royalty Board.


The 100 Percenters have long been champions of the rights and livelihoods of creators within the music industry. This formal complaint underscores their commitment to shedding light on questionable business practices that affect the creative community. Specific instances of antitrust violations are outlined in the complaint, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive investigation into the practices of major players in the music business.


By engaging the DOJ, The 100 Percenters aims to catalyze a thorough examination of the alleged violations, seeking fair and equitable treatment for songwriters and music producers. The overarching objective is to foster a more transparent and just music industry where creative professionals are compensated fairly for their invaluable contributions.


"This move marks a crucial development in our ongoing efforts to address systemic issues within the music business," said Tiffany Red, founder and executive director of The 100 Percenters. "We emphasize the importance of accountability and fairness for all stakeholders involved. We aim to create an environment where songwriters' and music producers' creativity and hard work are adequately recognized and compensated."


This action by The 100 Percenters underscores the urgency of addressing these problems and signals a commitment to creating a more equitable landscape within the music industry. The advocacy group remains steadfast in ensuring that all creators receive the fair treatment and compensation they deserve.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Tiffany Red

Founder & Executive Director 

The 100 Percenters

About The 100 Percenters

The 100 Percenters is a foundation dedicated to advocating for the rights and fair compensation of songwriters and music producers in the music industry. For more information, visit

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