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  • We commit to keeping artists, songwriters, producers, and staff safe in our workplace and studio sessions.

  • We commit to reporting sexual harassment, intimidation, or violence to the appropriate parties in our workplace or studio sessions and taking action. 

  • We will not tolerate inappropriate behavior in our workplace or studio sessions. 

  • We have or will create a safe space to support our artists, songwriters, producers, and staff who don't feel safe.

  • We have or will hire safe space leadership to support our artists, songwriters, producers, and staff who don't feel safe.

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Take The Safe Music Business Pledge 

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Copy of Safe Music Business Pledge  (2).png

Here are actionable steps publishers, record labels, and management companies can take to contribute to the safety and well-being of their employees and signees and uphold the Safe Music Pledge:

Share Existing Policies:

  • Communicate current sexual harassment and abuse policies, including definitions, examples, reporting procedures, and consequences for violations with employees and signees.

Regular Policy Reviews:

  • Regularly review and update the sexual harassment and abuse policy to ensure it remains effective and aligned with current best practices.


Training Programs:

  • Provide regular training sessions for all employees, and signees, to educate them about what constitutes sexual harassment or abuse and how to prevent it. Training should emphasize a zero-tolerance approach.


Anonymous Reporting Systems:

  • Implement confidential and anonymous reporting systems for individuals to report incidents of harassment or abuse without fear of retaliation.


Automated Check-In/Check-Out System:

  • Develop an automated system where creatives can digitally check in when they arrive at the studio and check out when leaving. 
  • Make the check-in system optional, allowing creatives to use it based on their comfort level. Emphasize that the system is in place for their safety and well-being.

  • Set up real-time alerts that notify designated personnel when creatives check in and out. 

  • Integrate an emergency alert feature within the check-in system. Creatives should be able to trigger an alert in an emergency, such as feeling unsafe or experiencing harassment.

  • Establish clear communication protocols when a creative fails to check in or out as expected. This can include attempts to contact the individual or, if necessary, dispatching assistance.

  • Integrate the check-in system with overall security measures, ensuring it complements existing safety protocols and emergency response plans.


Visible Reporting Channels:

  • Communicate the various channels through which individuals can report abuse and harassment, such as designated HR personnel or third-party hotlines like the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline for support. 


Prompt Investigation and Action:

  • Establish a prompt and thorough investigation process for reported incidents. Take immediate action against perpetrators, including appropriate disciplinary measures.


Crisis Intervention Resources:

  • Provide resources for immediate crisis intervention, such as counseling services or support groups, to help individuals cope with the aftermath of harassment.


Inclusive Events and Spaces:

  • Ensure that events and spaces are designed with inclusivity, providing equal opportunities for all creatives while minimizing situations that could lead to harassment.


Promote Bystander Intervention:

  • Encourage bystander intervention by educating employees on recognizing and safely intervening in situations where harassment and abuse occur.
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