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Songwriters and composers have been told we can't unionize forever. Well, guess what, we'r

What are the benefits if we're able to unionize?

Here are our 3 immediate demands from ALL record labels

Fees & Master Points for Songwriters

We'd like to see songwriters paid a fee and a percentage of the master when a song is placed on an artist. Also, we'd like to see the songwriter's percentage of the master come from the record label, not the artist. 


Session Fees for Songwriters & Producers

We are developing a Session Fee Program to pay songwriters and composers for their time while working in the studio with signed artists. This fee is not dependent on the song being placed or completed. This fee is not recoupable to the artist, songwriters, or producers.

Food Budgets for Studio Sessions

We'd like to see a food budget of at least $200 per session for eight-hour studio sessions. This budget will cover the artist, songwriters, producers, and recording engineer. 

If you're a songwriter or composer, would you be interested in joining a union? If so, please share your email below. 

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